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Dont worry, your code is safe. I know version control with GitHub.
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I know some pretty cool libraries too. Like BootStrap, it helps me code a bit faster!
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I also know some Python, and currently playing with it's many libraries.
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Oh yes, I also know some React. It really helps with creating interactive UIs.
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Did you need something built with Wordpress? I can help with that too!
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Lets discover your business needs together, and create a plan for the website. Next we will collect data and infomation on the business and move forward with design. Finally we will review the site together and launch it on the internet.

  • Discover
  • Create
  • Review
  • Launch

Websies & Projects

Here is a collection of websites and projects that i've worked on. HTML, CSS, and Javascript varies by website, and some use wordpress.


Ready to start your next project? Send me a message and lets work on the website together.